Flower paintings and prints

This body of work call my “flower paintings”. I started this group in the early 1990’s as a ‘study in perspective” after I had moved to Florida from the Washington DC area. My subject and concepts were getting more obscure and images were looking too ‘flat’. I wanted to create more depth in my images, so I chose flowers as my subject matter to help me work out ‘formal issues’ on canvas. That was the beginning of what I now refer to as my “commercial work” and soon became an independent body of art.

From 1990-2007, these paintings were painted with acrylic paint on canvas; all of these have been sold. In the early 21st cent, I switched primarily to oil on canvas or board for these images.  Because of their popularity, high quality Giclée prints on canvas and paper of these paintings are available in various sizes. Check out my store for sizes and pricing. Enjoy!


Antique Conservation and Restoration

The following pictures include examples of a few restorations in my portfolio. These are before and After pics. Every piece is individual and requires it’s own unique approach (generally speaking). I approach each project from an art conservation and ethics perspective. Occasionally, with this approach the final product (repair) may be slightly visible…this may be the result of decisions made between myself and the owner based on their ultimate goal. A decision like this sometimes involves considerations regarding the piece. e.g. What is it made of? Is it an artifact? What is the age? Rare? Can a restoration be removed safely in the future? What is the value?

Porcelain is one of my specialties (Meissen, Limoges, Dresden, Lladro and more). I work on all types of painted and non-painted surfaces (e.g. wood, gypsum, resin, fiberglass, glass, crystal, porcelain, ceramics, terracotta, etc.) I am a gold leaf gilder (water and oil) and I have years of experience restoring antique 23kt gold leaf HANDCARVED antique ornamental frames. I am trained in ‘the old masters techniques’ and make my own gesso and glues from scratch.

No job is too big. Estimates available free of charge. Pick up and delivery available. By Appointment Only.

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The Lovers-The Lightness of Being 1993

My Heart and Soul Work

Mixed media paintings and drawings using charcoal, gold, acrylic, oil, color pencils, pastels, gouache, watercolor, beeswax, found objects, pigments on paper, board and canvas.

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I am a professional artist that has relocated to Arlington,Virginia from Sarasota, Florida in 2018. Since 1999, I have been known and recognized for my highly skilled abilities and work on porcelain and artifact restoration and my knowledge of art conservation techniques and materials. I have an academic her background and strong interest in art history and strong interests in antiques.

  • I am an archival picture framing expert,
  • I enjoy mold making and casting,
  • I am a gold leaf gilder (water/oil, metal, 22kt)
  • I teach painting and drawing and oil gilding (,
  • I have oil paintings, drawings and mixed media work that I create, exhibit and sell
  • I have high resolution, museum quality, reproductions on paper, canvas, plexi, aluminum, and tile of many images.
  • I sell and create handpainted and signed limited edition, hydrocal reproductions of hanging sculpture.
  • I create ‘Nomenology’ Reports for individuals using my “Alphabet Tarot c. 2004-2005”

I love art and take pride in the work that I create. My motto is “Quality With a Conscious”  and I mean it. I hope you enjoy the tour through my career and portfolios.  Please call if you have questions or inquiries (941)275-9278 or email: