Mixed Media

“This section consists mostly of mixed media paintings and drawings. Several of these pieces at using encaustic although I made my own out of beeswax and oil paint (that’s how we did it in college anyway). I Started working with encaustic medium in 2004. Many of these pieces are on block (marine grade plywood @7/8′ thick). I call them ’tiles’ but they are wood. Some pieces are painted with oil paint and/or also gilded metal and gold leaf using these tiles as my support.

The main reason you may see many pieces in this format in this collection as well as a few floral studies in oil, is that a good friend (a carpenter) gave me dozens of these. I happened to mention one day that I wanted to create a bunch of small squares grouped together. these squares where the result of scraps that would otherwise be thrown away. The size, 8″ x 8″ was friend’s idea and I’ve gone with it ever since…I’m still attracted to this idea of small squares in multiples, grouped together, that I created using these ’tiles’. I still have a few left and anticipate a few more this size in the future.”

“CONTROL” – 8in X 8in Mixed media encaustic on board
mixed media, fine art
8″ X 8″ – Mixed Media on marine plywood.